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Liaison statement
CLUE WG response to LS to IETF CLUE WG on media handling aspects related to CLUE protocol

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-03-30
From Group clue
From Contact Roni Even
To Contacts
Cc Daniel Burnett <>
Paul Kyzivat <>
Roni Even <>
Ben Campbell <>
Alissa Cooper <>
ControLling mUltiple streams for tElepresence Discussion List <>
Purpose In response
Attachments CLUE Response
Liaisons referred by this one LS to IETF CLUE WG on media handling aspects related to CLUE protocol
1. Overall
3GPP SA4 asked IETF CLUE to inform SA4 on the progress of CLUE work group on
any media handling aspects related to CLUE protocol.

2. CLUE status:
It was brought to our attention that many CLUE documents are already endorsed
by 3GPP in 3GPP TS 24.103 ( ).

From the attached document (SP-140483_S4-140989 Rel-13_WID IMS_TELEP) we
conclude that 3GPP SA4 has an interest in the following aspects and we will try
to respond what is the CLUE status for each item

• Media codecs (speech, video, real-time text) for IMS-based telepresence –
CLUE does not recommend any specific codecs. The topic is out of scope for CLUE

•Media configuration including session setup and control procedures for
IMS-based telepresence, and media provisioning aspects of capability
negotiation based on SDP and CLUE protocols, etc. – This is the major focus of
the CLUE WG as specified in the WG charter (clue/charter/). The following
documents defines these topic:

- Framework for Telepresence Multi-Streams in draft-ietf-clue-framework-21
defines a framework for a protocol to enable devices in a telepresence
conference to interoperate. This document is now going to publication which
means that the CLUE WG agrees that it is ready - CLUE signaling in
draft-ietf-clue-signaling-05 defines how to use SIP and SDP to establish a
Telepresence call. The document is still a work in progress. - The CLUE
protocol is specified in draft-ietf-clue-protocol-03 specifies the negotiation
of a CLUE telepresence session. It is using the XML schema for the CLUE data
model specified in draft-ietf-clue-data-model-schema-07 . These documents are
work in progress but they are quiet mature.

• Set-up and control of the individual media streams between clients including
interactivity, such as adding and dropping of media components, as well as
end-to-end QoS handling, etc. for IMS-based telepresence. – This is not in the
scope of the CLUE WG, the support for set-up and control of individual streams
is based on existing tools that were specified by other WGs like AVTcore,
AVText, Payload and MMUSIC. • Data transport including usage of RTP / RTCP
protocols, RTP profiles, RTP payload formats, RTP mapping, media
synchronization, etc. for IMS-based telepresence, e.g., in relation to
negotiation and establishment of the CLUE data channel, and exchange of CLUE
ADVERTISEMENT and CONFIGURE messages – This topic is discussed in the CLUE
signaling document and some aspects of mapping RTP streams to CLUE Media
Captures are discussed in draft-ietf-clue-rtp-mapping-04 • Requirements and
guidelines for media adaptation in IMS-based telepresence, for example in
response to changes of network bandwidth – this is not in the scope of CLUE
work. A general solution for congestion control is discussed in the IETF RMCAT