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Liaison statement
Response to LS on ITU-T SG15 OTNT standardization work plan to mpls

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-06-08
From Group mpls
From Contact Scott Mansfield
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts
Cc John Drake <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Loa Andersson <>
George Swallow <>
Ross Callon <>
Alia Atlas <>
Alvaro Retana <>
Deborah Brungard <>
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
Liaisons referred by this one LS on ITU-T SG15 OTNT standardization work plan to mpls
As part of the tuning of the IETF Routing area the MPLS working group charter
was updated, in particular:

- the responsibility for the generic aspects of RSVP-TE was clearly placed
within the Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling (TEAS) working group,
while RSVP-TE for packet networks remains with the MPLS working group. - the
MPLS working group was chartered to develop yang models relevant to the
protocols for which the working group is responsible.

We welcome experts also active in SG15 to participate in our next meeting: IETF
MPLS Working Group meeting, 19 – 24 July 2015, Prague