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Liaison statement
Liaison Statement on NG eCall support for the EU

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-06-19
From Group ecrit
From Contact Gonzalo Camarillo
To Group 3GPP
To Contacts
Cc Gonzalo Camarillo <>
Marc Linsner <>
Roger Marshall <>
Barry Leiba <>
Ben Campbell <>
Alissa Cooper <>
Response Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2015-07-19 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
Liaisons referring to this one Reply LS on eCall support for the EU from IETF Ecrit WG
Response to LS on NG eCall support for the EU
To: 3GPP SA1, SA2, CT1

1. Overall Description:

The IETF ECRIT WG would like to inform 3GPP of IETF work enabling eCall
over IETF SIP. The IETF has been developing a specification to support
this (mainly in the EU but not limited to it). The document is still in
a draft state and describes how an eCall placed using SIP is identified,
transfers the MSD and supports other necessary interaction between an
eCall IVS and a PSAP. IETF ECRIT intends the eventual RFC to define the
necessary SIP protocol conventions and mechanisms that will be needed to
support any solution (e.g., such as a solution defined later by 3GPP) in
which SIP is used. The IETF draft has been referenced by ETSI in their
report Mobile Standards Group (MSG); eCall for VoIP (TR 103 140 V1.1.1).

The IETF would like to be sure that 3GPP is aware of the work, and
welcomes 3GPP review of the work including any comments concerning
possible omissions or other defects.

The latest version of the document may be accessed at:



2. Actions:

To 3GPP SA1, SA2, CT1 groups.

ACTION: Please provide any feedback to IETF ECRIT through the IETF
liaison process that may be useful or necessary to enable IETF ECRIT to
complete their specification on support of NG eCall in the EU.

3. Date of Next IETF ECRIT Meeting:

IETF#93 Dates: 19-24 July, 2015 Location: Prague, Czech Republic