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LS on discussion on communication from IEEE1588 on IEEE 1588 YANG models

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2015-09-23
From Group ITU-T-SG-15
From Contact Hiroshi Ota
To Group tictoc
To Contacts Yaakov Stein <>
Karen O'Donoghue <>
Cc Brian Haberman <>
Terry Manderson <>
Timing over IP Connection and Transfer of Clock Discussion List <>
John Drake <>
Scott Mansfield <>
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Technical Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments LS on discussion on communication from IEEE1588 on IEEE 1588 YANG models
ITU-T Q13/15 discussed at the Pisa 14-18 September 2015 interim meeting the
communication from the P1588 WG on IEEE 1588 YANG models (see Appendix I).

During the discussion some operators mentioned that SNMP is often used in the
Telecom environment; nonetheless, irrespective of the protocol, Q13/15
considers it important that there is no duplication of the work in the data
modelling area.

Concerning the specific work on the IEEE1588 YANG models it seems important
that IEEE1588 will play a key role in this work involving all concerned SDOs
and the relevant contributors.

In particular Q13/15 would appreciate being kept involved in this work.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the IEEE 1588 committee.

Appendix I - Email from P1588 Co-chair on IEEE 1588 YANG models

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for your help in creating a single, comprehensive YANG data model
for PTP.

The P1588 Working Group has been struggling to develop a definitive SNMP
compatible MIB suitable for all PTP profiles and applications. A large part of
our difficulties lie in the fact that we have started this initiative too late.
Several profile specific PTP MIBs have already been defined along with numerous
proprietary MIBs. As a result many of the people most qualified to help with
the effort are reluctant to redo what they have already completed. Even if the
P1588 Working Group ultimately publishes a standard MIB for PTP, it is not
clear that equipment manufacturers and profile defining standards group will
abandon the path they have already gone down.

The end result is that network operators have to integrate many MIBs to manage
PTP devices from multiple vendors. This is an unnecessary waste of operators
valuable time. The lack of coordination among standards groups is also
something of an embarrassment for those of us involved with these committees.

We can do better with YANG models. We should start now before there are many of
them defined and implemented. Therefore I recommend that we create an informal
group to coordinate the development of a single general purpose PTP YANG data

I imagine that the YANG model would be defined in one standards body and
referenced in the others, but I am eager to hear your ideas if you think
otherwise. The groups with members included in this email are (in no particular

−ITU-T Q13/15
−ΙTU-T Q14/15
−IEEE 802.1TSN
−IEEE C37.238
−P1588 IEEE 1588

I think it is less important to choose the optimum standards body for this task
than it is to agree to work together and do the right thing with respect to
YANG. Here is a link to a draft YANG data model from the IETF which we could
consider as a starting point.

Please let us know what you think about PTP and YANG models.
Doug Arnold
P1588 Co-chair