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Liaison statement
LS/r on QoS-related work in ITU-T SG11 (reply to SG12 - LS 90)

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2016-01-04
From Group ITU-T-SG-11
From Contact Stefano Polidori
To Group ippm
To Contacts Brian Trammell <>
Bill Cerveny <>
Scott Mansfield <>
Bill Cerveny <>
Brian Trammell <>
Spencer Dawkins <>
IP Performance Metrics Discussion List <>
Martin Stiemerling <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments LS/r on QoS-related work in ITU-T SG11 (reply to SG12 - LS 90)
This liaison answers SG12 - LS 90 -E.

ITU-T SG11 would like to thank SG12 for their interest in the work that is
being developed by SG11 in relation to Q.FW_Int_sp_test and Q.TM_Int_sp_test
work items. -       Q.FW_Int_sp_test “Framework of Internet speed measurements
for the fixed and mobile networks” -       Q.TM_Int_sp_test “Testing
methodologies of internet speed measurement system to be used on the fixed and
mobile network”

Concerning the issues highlighted by SG12 liaison statement, SG11 would like to
inform you that we have considered the requirements of section 6.12 of
Recommendation ITU-T Y.1540. We believe that considerations related to
flow-related parameters, if any, would be subject of the study related to
testing methodology which is ongoing in the ITU-T SG11 work item

Also, we have studied IETF RFCs (particularly those in IPPM and LMAP Working
Groups) according to the request of your LS and we did not find any issue. We
would note that the presence of SG12 representatives at our December SG11
meeting, which were using remote facilities, would have been appreciated;
however perhaps the following clarification may be useful:

There are different use cases for internet speed measurement. Our studies in
SG11 address a use case from an end user perspective. The current draft ITU-T
Recommendation describes the test framework for Internet speed measurement,
which was designed targeting the end users of the fixed and mobile networks for
the assessment of the Internet speed connection. It may be used also by
Regulators/Operators for the assessment of the Internet speed connection at the
national level.

After discussion during Q15/11 meeting, we have modified the text of the draft
Recommendation to clarify the scope of our work. With such changes we are
pleased to inform you that the draft Recommendation Q.FW_Int_sp_test reached
the status of AAP consent at ITU-T SG11 Plenary. The final draft for Consent is
available as TD 973.

As you know further comments are possible during the Last Call period.

We are also pleased to inform you that we are planning to organize a joint
Q15/11 Rapporteur meeting with ETSI TC INT in the week 15-18 March 2016 or
21-24 March 2016 (dates to be confirmed), Sofia Antipolis, France, ETSI HQ
(dates to be confirmed by ETSI TC INT). The objectives of this joint meeting is
to advance the companion draft Recommendation on testing methodology
(Q.TM_Int_sp_test). We believe that SG12 expertise is important to progress
this work, therefore we again invite you to join Q15/11 and ETSI TC INT joint
discussion on this topic.

Please find the latest version of the Q.TM_Int_sp_test posted as TD 974.

We also remind you that the earlier joint meeting of Q15/11 and ETSI TC INT
(September 2015, Vienna) identified the need for developing a third
Recommendation in this series. It would be related to general QoS Key Quality
Indicators (KQI) on Internet speed measurements. These KQI, requirements and
relevant test specifications may be considered for global Internet Quality
Measurement approach. This Recommendation could be developed jointly by various
SDOs, including SG11, SG12 and ETSI TC INT. We would appreciate your comments
and views on this possible new work item at the forthcoming joint meeting.

We hope for a fruitful collaboration in continuing the development of these
work items on Internet Speed Measurement from all interested parties.