Liaison statement
MPLS-TP status in the IETF

State Posted
Submitted Date 2016-02-11
From Group mpls
From Contact Scott Mansfield
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts
CcAlvaro Retana
Deborah Brungard
Multiprotocol Label Switching Discussion List
Scott Mansfield
George Swallow
John Drake
Alia Atlas
Loa Andersson
Ross Callon
Response Contact Loa Andersson
George Swallow
Ross Callon
Purpose In response
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Liaisons referred by this one SG15 OTNT Standardization Work Plan
Thanks for your liaison indicating the final approval of the ITU-T MPLS-TP
Recommendations.  This marks a step in the joint MPLS-TP project.  The IETF has
published 45 MPLS-TP RFC's from 7 working groups and independent work streams. 
The IETF has 11 active Internet Drafts related to MPLS-TP.

We are looking forward to your support completing the MPLS-TP project.