Liaison statement
OMA LS 0046 MWG-MEM SWG Response to Liaison on Mobile e-mail from the IETF LEMONADE WG

Submission date 2005-10-31
From OMA (Dean Willis)
To IETF Lemonade WG (Glenn Parsons, Eric Burger)
Cc, Ted Hardie, Scott Hollenbeck
Response contact Stéphane H. Maes
Technical contact Stéphane H. Maes
Purpose For information
Attachments OMA-LS_0046-LS-Mobile_email_IETF_Lemonade-20050923-A.doc
Date: 5 September, 2005

1	Overview

The IETF LEMONADE WG responded to the liaison initiated by OMA MEM SWG.
This response is available as document

The present liaison is in response to

2	Proposal

The IETF LEMONADE liaison response
OMA-MEM-2005-0020-ILS-regarding-MWG-MEM-RD was presented to OMA MWG-MEM
at the interim meeting held in Paris on August 8 and 9, 2005, including
the detailed answer and analysis of the mobile email enabler RD draft
that was provided to the LEMONADE WG.

In the meanwhile OMA MWG-MEM wishes to inform the IETF LEMONADE WG that
it is interested in ongoing collaboration with IETF LEMONADE and to
hold a joint workshop with the IETF LEMONADE WG.

OMA MWG-MEM will hold its next interim meeting on September 26 and 27
at the GSMA HQ, in Central London, so that a joint workshop could be
arranged in London on Wednesday September 28, 2005 prior to the IETF
LEMONADE interim face to face meeting. Details on the workshop will be
distributed to OMA MEM and IETF LEMONADE separately.

Details on the OMA MWG-MEM interim meeting, open only to OMA members,
are available in document

OMA MWG-MEM intends to provide detailed updates of the Mobile e-mail
enabler related activities, including disposition of the comments
received from LEMONADE. It will also provide answers to questions
contained in the