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Liaison statement
Proposal to Develop a Benchmarking Methodology for ITU-T Recommendation Y.1731 OAM Performance

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-01-24
From Group bmwg
From Contact Al Morton
To Groups ITU-TSBSG-11, ITU-TSBSG-15, ITU-T-SG-11, ITU-T-SG-15
To Contacts
Cc Sarah Banks <>
Joel Jaeggli <>
Benchmarking Methodology Discussion List <>
Scott Mansfield <>
John Drake <>
Al Morton <>
Benoit Claise <>
Response Contact Al Morton <>
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2017-03-26 Action Needed
Attachments (None)
The purpose of this Liaison is to inform you of a new work proposal
in the Benchmarking Methodology Working Group (BMWG) of the IETF, and seek
your comments and future plans regarding the subject work area.

BMWG has been presented with a new work proposal to benchmark the
Y.1731 OAM capabilities of network devices. Please see
the Internet Draft by Sudhin Jacob and Praveen Ananthasankaran:
In this proposal, there is an intersection between IETF benchmarking
practice and ITU-T standardization and mandates.

The Internet-Draft seeks to characterize the accuracy of performance
* under various traffic conditions,
* during routing engine fail-over (High Availability),
* during multiple OAM test sessions to characterize the scale/capacity, and
* during long test intervals (Soak tests).

This Internet Draft is at an early stage, so considerable review
and development would be necessary, as with all work items.

The charter of BMWG strictly limits our work to laboratory characterization.
Therefore, live network performance testing, manageability, MIB module
development, and other operational/functional testing are beyond our scope.

We recognize that ITU-T SG 15 is the maintainer of Rec. Y.1731, and that
compliance and interoperability specifications are the mandate of SG 11.
Therefore, prior to considering this work proposal further,
we seek your comments on:
- whether you see this topic as valuable to the Industry
- whether your experience and knowledge of Y.1731 implementations
is essential to complete this work with the necessary quality
- whether there is overlapping work in ITU-T, planned or in-progress
- the proposal details, as currently described, and
- your preference on how to progress this work.

Replies received prior to our March 26, 2017 meeting will be most appreciated.