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Liaison statement
LS to 3GPP, GSMA, IETF, oneM2M, Wi-Fi Alliance on LwM2M Connectivity Mgmt. enhancements for MIoT

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-02-27
From Group OMA
From Contact Tiffany Zhang
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
The IETF Chair <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments OMA-LS-1081-OMA_DM_on_LwM2M_Connectivity_Mgmt_enhancements_for_MIoT-20170223-A
The OMA DM WG would like inform 3GPP, GSMA, IETF, oneM2M, Wi-Fi Alliance about
its recent enhancements to the existing Connectivity Management (ConnMgmt)
enabler. ConnMgmt comprises of a set of LWM2M Objects providing connectivity
management functions for cellular network and WLAN connectivity. OMA is
currently working on the completion of the latest version which is ConnMgmt
v1.1. This version has been enhanced in particular to accommodate the needs for
Mobile IoT (MIoT) device configuration. ConnMgmt v1.1 includes the following
LMW2M Objects:

 a. Cellular Connectivity (Object ID 10) incl. e.g., PSM, Active timer, and
 eDRX configuration of values requested                  by the device, Serving
 PLMN rate control
b. APN Connection Profile (Object ID 11) incl. various APN settings, PDN type
selection, APN rate control c. WLAN Connectivity (Object ID 12) d. Bearer
Selection (Object ID 13) e. Communication Characteristics (Object ID 17) incl.
CoAP specific parameters f. Non-Access Stratum (NAS) Configuration (Object ID
18) which is the “mirror” LwM2M Object to the OMA DM Management Object in 3GPP
TS 24.368.

The latest draft version of the ConnMgmt 1.1 TS can be found at [1]. ConnMgmt
1.1 can be used with the LwM2M 1.0 protocol or any future version. OMA DM is
planning to move ConnMgmt 1.1 towards Candidate approval by March 2017.

OMA DM WG would like inform 3GPP, GSMA, IETF, oneM2M, WiFi-Alliance about the
enhancements for MIoT connectivity management. In case there are any comments
to the draft enhancements, or suggestions for further enhancements please do
not hesitate to raise them to OMA DM. Given the extendible LwM2M data model,
enhancements to enable further management functions can be done at any time.