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Liaison statement
Reply LS to liaison statement on requesting support for defining next generation protocols

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-06-15
From Group 3GPP-TSG-SA
From Contact Georg Mayer
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
The IETF Chair <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments SP-170579
3GPP TSG SA thanks ETSI ISG NGP for their liaison statement on requesting
support for defining next generation protocols. The liaison statement was
discussed in 3GPP TSG CT, 3GPP TSG RAN as well as 3GPP TSG SA. This reply LS
summarizes the outcome of all these discussions.

Due to the short time frame for 3GPP work on 5G (i.e. Rel-15 and Rel-16) it
does not seem feasible that 3GPP starts a new study to create completely new
protocols based on protocol requirements or related solutions from ETSI ISG NGP.

Within CT WGs, protocol requirements for 5G are currently being studied. While
it is not feasible for 3GPP to consider completely new protocols, adaptations
to existing protocols are within scope of this study.  ETSI ISG NGP member
companies are therefore invited to consider bringing their input by means of
company contributions during the next few months to the 3GPP CT WGs directly,
as long as these requirements are within the scope of the ongoing Rel-15/Rel-16

3GPP would not like to initiate or coordinate communication between ETSI ISG
NGP and IETF but of course we welcome any steps to enhance solutions used by

3GPP would be happy to help investigate more significant changes to the
protocols used by 3GPP along the lines of the provided requirements and
solutions from ETSI ISG NGP in a timeframe beyond the current Rel-15 and Rel-16
work in 3GPP.