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Liaison statement
ASON-related Work

State Posted
Submitted Date 2005-11-25
From Group ITU-T-SG-15
From Contact Greg Jones
To Group ccamp
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2006-01-27 Action Taken
Attachments ASON-related Work
ITU Q14/15 would like to bring the following comments on IETF CCAMP’s
ASON-related work to the attention of IETF CCAMP WG: 1.      Q14/15 has been
monitoring the work on ASON routing solutions, and strongly supports CCAMP’s
continued work to address ASON requirements in the routing protocols.  We have
noted the new draft (draft-dimitri-ccamp-ason-routing-sol-00.txt) and generally
support its directions, although the draft is still incomplete at this time. 
Q14/15 requests that future working group drafts on this topic be liaised to
Q14/15 for their information and comment. 2.      Q14/15 have also noted the
work on ASON signaling solutions taking place in CCAMP.  We understand that
this work diverges in many respects from the solutions defined in ITU-T
Recommendation G.7713.2.  Q14/15 continues to be interested in collaboratively
exploring any opportunities for convergence of signaling solutions, as
previously stated in our Liaison of February 2004, and to that end request that
CCAMP continue liaison with Q.14/15 regarding any future signaling efforts that
are ASON-related. In general, it is requested that CCAMP notify Q.14/15 when
ASON-related drafts are nearing completion.  While some members of Q14/15 have
participated in CCAMP activities such as joint design teams, their
participation does not constitute agreement of Q14/15 itself with the output.
We strongly suggest that CCAMP liaises such documents to ITU for review prior
to publishing as an RFC (for example, just preceding or following WG Last
Call), in order to ensure continued mutual understanding of the requirements.
Note: This liaison is sent with an action date of January 27, 2006 in order to
allow for any liaisons to be discussed at the February meeting of ITU-T SG15.