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Liaison statement
YANG Data Model for ANCP

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2018-04-03
From Contact Michael Fargano
To Groups INT, netmod
To Contacts Jürgen Schönwälder <>
Tom Nadeau <>
Terry Manderson <>
Suresh Krishnan <>
Cc Ignas Bagdonas <>
David Sinicrope <>
Terry Manderson <>
Warren Kumari <>
Kent Watsen <>
The IETF Chair <>
Joel Jaeggli <>
Lou Berger <>
Network Modeling Discussion List <>
Suresh Krishnan <>
Purpose For information
Attachments 153-oLS to IETF on a YANG Model for ANCP-04
We would like to inform IETF that the Broadband Forum has approved a proposal to begin
work on a YANG Data Model for the Management of the Access Network Control Protocol
(ANCP) for access networks. This work will be initially based on RFC 6320 “Protocol for
Access Node Control Mechanism in Broadband Networks”, which is referenced in the
following Technical Reports:

• TR-147 Layer 2 Control Mechanism For Broadband Multi- Service Architectures;
• TR-207 Layer 2 Control Mechanism For Broadband Multi- Service Architectures
part II;
• TR-301i2 Architecture and Requirements for Fiber to the Distribution Point.

Since the publication of RFC 6320 in October 2011, RFC 6934 “Applicability of the Access
Node Control Mechanism to Broadband Networks Based on Passive Optical Networks
(PONs)” has been published and DSL technology has also evolved. TR-301i2 also defines an
additional set of TLVs for DSL Line Attributes for

We, therefore, look forward to a timely consideration by the IETF to progress a draft “Access
Extensions for the Access Node Control Protocol”, which is in the process of submission and
which updates the ANCP protocol to cover PONs, newer DSL technologies and the
requirements originating from TR-301i2.

Michael Fargano,
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair