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Liaison statement
DMM WG Response to 3GPP CT4 on LS CP-173160 (New Study Item on User Plane Protocol in 5GC )

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2018-07-20
From Group dmm
From Contact Sri Gundavelli
To Contacts
Cc Dapeng Liu <>
Terry Manderson <>
Distributed Mobility Management Discussion List <>
Sri Gundavelli <>
Suresh Krishnan <>
Response Contact Sri Gundavelli <>
Dapeng Liu <>
Technical Contact Sri Gundavelli <>
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
Liaisons referred by this one CP-173160: New Study Item on User Plane Protocol in 5GC
Dear Georg & CT4 Group,

Thank you for your Liaison request (Reference: [1572] CP-173160), sharing
information on the status of the CT4 study item on user plane protocol in 5GC.
The IETF DMM working group acknowledges your request and would like to share
the following update.

The DMM working is currently reviewing various proposals on approaches for
realizing optimizations in mobile user-plane. These proposals include protocol
specifications based on new/existing protocols, and proposals covering
requirements/analysis/comparison of various approaches, and building proof of
concept demos . At this point of time, some of these documents are working
group documents and some are individual submissions and which are yet to be
adopted as working group documents. The working group is actively discussing
these proposals and making good progress. Based on the working group interest,
feedback charter-scope, the working group may choose to adopt some of these
work items as working group documents and will move them on standardization

We also would like to state that the DMM working group will not be in a
position to pick a single approach/solution as THE approach for user-plane
optimization. Most likely the working group may standardize more than one
approach, but will characterize each of these approaches based on its technical
capabilities and limitations. This approach would be consistent with the
approach that IETF took with IPv6 transitioning work, where IETF standardized
multiple approaches.

Finally, IETF would like to point 3GPP to the following documents under
(Individual submission)
(Individual submission)

Other Related Documents: (Working group

Link to DMM Pages:

Please let us know if you need any additional information. Also please provide
any evaluation criteria that could help us in progressing our work to support

Dapeng Liu & Sri Gundavelli
(Chairs for DMM Working Group)