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Liaison statement
LS on Invitation to update the information in the IMT-2020 and beyond roadmap [to ITU study groups and external IMT-2020 liaison partners]

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2022-12-05
From Group ITU-T-JCA-IMT2020
From Contact Tatiana Kurakova
To Groups ccamp, detnet, dmm, sfc, teas
To Contacts Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Lou Berger <>
János Farkas <>
Jim Guichard <>
Joel Halpern <>
Dapeng Liu <>
Satoru Matsushima <>
Sri Gundavelli <>
Vishnu Beeram <>
Lou Berger <>
Cc Service Function Chaining Discussion List <>
Daniele Ceccarelli <>
John Scudder <>
Lou Berger <>
Dapeng Liu <>
Common Control and Measurement Plane Discussion List <>
Jim Guichard <>
Alvaro Retana <>
Satoru Matsushima <>
Joel Halpern <>
János Farkas <>
Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling Discussion List <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Vishnu Beeram <>
Deterministic Networking Discussion List <>
Erik Kline <>
Éric Vyncke <>
Distributed Mobility Management Discussion List <>
Andrew Alston <>
Sri Gundavelli <>
Response Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2023-03-01 Action Needed
Attachments JCA-IMT2020-O-025-LS12
The ITU-T Joint Coordination Activity for IMT2020 and Beyond (JCA IMT2020)
thanks all that have replied to previous requests for input on IMT-2020 and
beyond related standardization work. The current online version of the roadmap
is available from the JCA-IMT2020 website.

The objective of the roadmap is to support IMT-2020 and beyond standardization
coordination. IMT-2020 and beyond are the important topics for our industry,
and many standardization-related activities are held in various entities.

The JCA is progressing this work in a form of roadmap of IMT2020 and beyond

JCA-IMT2020 will keep updating this roadmap, and therefore we solicit your
information about updates. If you send us the latest information of your
activity related to 5G and beyond as well as Network Function Virtualization
(NFV), programmable networks, self-managed networks, autonomous network,
slicing (including orchestration and capability exposure), fixed-mobile and
satellite convergence (FMC) and Information-Centric Networking (ICN), machine
learning and other activities that are strongly related to IMT 2020, we will
reflect it in the next roadmap update, which will be performed online soon
after the next JCA IMT2020 meeting. Please submit your updates using the
template to be found in appendix below. In the last column of this template we
expect to get a direct pointer to your document and not to the website where
one needs to search for your document.Should you wish to communicate any
additional information about your specifications and projects, we invite you to
do so.  If you have a representative that wishes to present at an upcoming
JCA-IMT2020 meeting, please let us know. In addition, if not done yet, we
invite the ITU-T Study Groups, SDOs, fora to nominate a representative to this
group.JCA-IMT2020 anticipates having its next meeting in March 2023 alongside
the ITU-T SG13 meeting in Geneva. We invite your inputs/updates to the roadmap.