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Liaison statement
Response to your liaison on Metro Compute Networking Architecture

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2023-05-22
From Group cats
From Contact Peng Liu
To Contacts Lincoln Lavoie<>
Liaisons at BBF<>
Cc Adrian Farrel <>
Jim Guichard <>
Computing-Aware Traffic Steering Discussion List <>
John Scudder <>
Peng Liu <>
Dave Sinicrope <>
Andrew Alston <>
Response Contact Peng Liu <>
Adrian Farrel <>
Technical Contact Peng Liu <>
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
Liaisons referred by this one Liaison to IETF on Metro Compute Networking Architecture
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your liaison of 5 May 2023 and informing us of BBF's interest
in work related to Metro Compute Networking.

The IETF has recently chartered the Computing-Aware Traffic Steering (cats)
working group ( to identify
common compute metrics and to develop a general framework for the distribution
of compute and network metrics and transport of traffic from network edge to
service instance. The CATS working group would welcome all contributions and
discussions from BBF participants via their mailing list
( using normal IETF process.

We look forward to continued communication regarding this work.

Best Regards,
Peng Liu and Adrian Farrel
IETF CATS Working Group Chairs