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Liaison statement
LS to request Specific Authentication Methods types for IETF DRIP

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2023-06-07
From Group drip
From Contact Mohamed Boucadair
To Contacts
Cc Daniel Migault <>
Erik Kline <>
Drone Remote ID Protocol Discussion List <>
Éric Vyncke <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Response Contact Daniel Migault <>
Mohamed Boucadair <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2023-07-22 Action Needed
Attachments (None)
Dear Philip,

As part of its charter, the IETF Drone Remote ID Protocol (drip) Working Group
[1] is developing a specification entitled “DRIP Entity Tag Authentication
Formats & Protocols for Broadcast Remote ID” [2]. This specification builds
upon the ASTM F3411 methods. Specifically, the drip WG needs the following
Specific Authentication Methods (SAM) types from the ASTM registry:

        | SAM Type | Description                       |
        | TBD1     | DRIP Link (Section 4.2 of [2])    |
        | TBD2     | DRIP Wrapper (Section 4.3 of [2]) |
        | TBD3     | DRIP Manifest (Section 4.4 of [2])|
        | TBD4     | DRIP Frame (Section 4.5 of [2])   |

We are sending this message to formally request the assignment of these four
code points to the IETF DRIP WG.

As per Appendix A5.2 (Registration Requirements) of ASTM F3411, please find
below the additional required information for this registration request:

- Specification type: Specific Authentication Method
- Specification name: DRIP Entity Tag Authentication Formats & Protocols for
Broadcast Remote ID - A publicly accessible URL to the encoding specification
for the identifier being requested from which a skilled software engineer can
reliably implement both the transmitter and receiver: [2] - Organization Name:
IETF Drone Remote ID Protocol (drip) Working Group - Organization Mailing
Address: - Primary Contact Name: Mohamed BOUCADAIR & Daniel
MIGAULT - Primary Contact E-mail Address:

FWIW, draft-ietf-drip-auth was planned to be submitted to the IESG for
publication for 06/22 [1] but the publication process is delayed because of the
codepoints assignment issue.

We do greatly appreciate if you can act upon this registration request promptly
such that the assignments are made prior to the next IETF meeting starting July

Thank you

Daniel & Med
(Co-Chairs of the IETF DRIP WG)