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Liaison statement

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the IETF webpage and the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2023-08-10
From Contact Lincoln Lavoie
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair <>
Cc The IESG <>
The IETF Chair <>
David Sinicrope <>
Jonathan Newton <>
April Nowicki <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments LIAISE-603-05
Dear colleagues,

The Broadband Forum thanks SG11 for the following liaisons:
- from Q5/11 - LIAISE-600/LS-83/TD430/GEN – “LS on the new work item
Q.vbng-pup-iopt Interoperability testing suite for cloud-based control plane
and pooled user plane of virtualized broadband network gateway”


- from Q14/11 for LIAISE-599/LS-97/TD407/GEN – “LS on initiation of new work
item Q.BNG-SLA “Signalling requirements for subscriber SLA-based virtual
Broadband Network Gateway”

In review of the liaison content, we do not have enough information concerning
the motivation, rationale, and scope of this new SG11 work. Such information
may be of interest and help answer questions regarding SG11's endeavor into
this well-established subject.

We encourage SG11 to take note of BBF's related, published work which forms the
foundation for distributed and virtualized broadband network architecture and
Broadband Network Gateway (BNG/DBNG/vBNG) equipment requirements and protocol.
This published work includes features to support SLA-based virtualized (and
non-virtualized) BNGs. Among this work are:

TR-459i2 – Multi-Service Disaggregated BNG with CUPS. Reference Architecture,
Deployment Models, interface, and Protocol Specifications TR-459.2 –
Multi-Service Disaggregated BNG with CUPS: Integrated Carrier Grade NAT
function. Reference Architecture, Deployment Models, Interface, and Protocol
Specifications TR-459.3 – Multi-Service Disaggregated BNG with CUPS: IPTV
Multicast function – Reference Architecture, Deployment Models, Interface and
Protocol Specifications


Lincoln Lavoie,
Broadband Forum Technical Committee Chair

David Sinicrope, Broadband Forum ATA Work Area Director Jonathan Newton, Broadband Forum ATA Work Area
Director April Nowicki, Broadband Forum Member
Support Manager

Broadband Forum Reference:

In Response to Incoming Liaison:
LIAISE-599 and LIAISE-600

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