Liaison statement
Response to your liaison on ASON Related Work

Submission date 2006-01-16
From IETF CCAMP WG (Adrian Farrel)
To ITU-T SG15 (Greg Jones)
Cc Scott Bradner, Alex Zinin, Bill Fenner, Kireeti Kompella, CCAMP mailing list, Kam Lam, Malcolm Betts
Response contact Adrian Farrel
Technical contact Adrian Farrel
Purpose In response
Attachments (None)
The CCAMP Working Group thanks Q12/15 and Q14/15 for their liaison on
ASON Related Work addressed to the PCE Working Group. We welcome
continued cooperation and exchange of ideas with SG15 on control plane
related to GMPLS and ASON.

As you note, work has started to address the specific requirements of
ASON routing that are not already met by existing protocol
specifications as identified by
draft-ietf-ccamp-gmpls-ason-routing-eval-02.txt. A new draft
(draft-dimitri-ccamp-ason-routing-sol-00.txt) captures some of the new
work and CCAMP welcomes your support for its general direction. As this
draft develops it will be merged, as appropriate, with any other
proposals brought to our attention and a working group draft will be
produced. We will be sure to liaise this to you when it is sufficiently

We welcome your interest in collaboratively exploring any opportunities
for convergence of signaling solutions, and we will be sure to liaise
to you any future signaling working group drafts specific to ASON as
soon as they are sufficiently stable.

Adrian Farrel and Kireeti Kompella
CCAMP Working Group chairs