Liaison statement
OMA LS_0082 Liaison on Mobile E-Mail

State Posted
Submitted Date 2006-02-12
From Group OMA
From Contact Dean Willis
To Group lemonade
To Contacts
Ted Hardie
Scott Hollenbeck
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments LS_0082 on Mobile E-Mail
1 Overview

This liaison is in response to specific questions raised in a liaison from IETF
LEMONADE in OMA-MEM-2006-0023-ILS-fromIETF-on-LEMONADE-Profile.

2 Proposal

OMA MWG-MEM thanks IETF LEMONADE for their consideration of our previous
liaison.  We understand, and will take into consideration, your comments.

However, we have the following additional comments to your questions:

1. (on your question 2)  MWG-MEM has not yet considered this and thanks IETF
LEMONADE for bringing this to our attention.  As a result, we will study the
possibility of a shorter list that is mandatory for the MEM enabler (and likely
solicit the advice of the OMA STI group).  We will provide IETF LEMONADE an
update on this after our next meeting.

2. (on your question 4)  According to the MWG-MEM RD, only notification and
send/receive roundtrip delay is of concern at this point.  We will inform IETF
LEMONADE if these requirements change.

3. (on your question 6)  According to the MWG-MEM RD, message recall is still a
requirement.  Specifically, that the client be able to request a recall and
that success/failure be indicated back.  MWG-MEM will consider IETF
LEMONADE’s input in its realization of this requirement and will let IETF
know if any further work is requested. Note that work continues on the MEM
architecture document (AD).  OMA MWG-MEM intends to continue to provide
detailed updates of the Mobile e-mail enabler related activities as our work
progresses. OMA MWG-MEM will hold its next meeting on April 3-7 in Vancouver,

3 Requested Action(s)
We request the IETF LEMONADE Working Group to consider and accept these
comments. 4 Conclusion OMA MWG-MEM SWG wishes to thank the IETF LEMONADE WG for
its response to OMA MWG-MEM’s previous liaison and for the analysis and
feedback they provided regarding the draft OMA Mobile Email RD and AD.

OMA MWG-MEM looks forward to continued collaboration on these matters with the
IETF LEMONADE WG.  Finally, OMA MWG-MEM wishes to thank the IETF LEMONADE WG
for its kind consideration of this liaison.