Liaison statement
ASON Recommendations

State Posted
Posted Date 2006-02-24
From Group ITU-T-SG-15
From Contact Greg Jones
To Groups ccamp, pce
To Contacts Kireeti Kompella
Adrian Farrel
JP Vasseur
CcScott Bradner
Bill Fenner
Alex Zinin
Response Contact ITU-T SG15 Secretariat
Technical Contact Hing-Kam Lam
Malcolm Betts
Purpose For information
Attachments TD212R1/P SG15 (G.8080 Revision)
TD216R1/P SG15 (G.7713 Revision)
TD214R1/P SG15 (New Appendix VI of G.7714.1)
At the recent SG15 meeting, several ASON Recommendations were revised.  As
WGs have interests in control plane technology for transport networks, this
update is provided to continue 
collaborative work.
Q12/15 has developed a Revision to the ASON architecture Recommendation
G.8080/Y.1304.  This 
Revision combines Amendments 1 and 2, and adds additional material on
terminology, multi-layer aspect, 
naming, and more examples of component interaction.  As a result of an earlier
liaison received from IETF, 
the routing component interface now accommodates the PCE architecture.  Please
note that the 
requirements of the G.807/Y.1302, “Automatic Switched Transport Network
requirements�, have been 
incorporated into G.8080/Y.1304 and that G.807/Y.1302 is superseded.
Q14/15 has developed a Revision to Recommendation G.7713/Y.1704,
“Distributed Call and 
Connection Management� (signalling).  This revision combines Amendment 1 and
adds material on 
restoration, Soft Permanent Connection service, and signalling controller
resilience.  Requirements for 
crankback were not included and we continue to work on them.
Q14/15 has also developed an Appendix on “Usage of the Different Discovery
Mechanisms� to 
Recommendation G7714.1, “Protocol for automatic discovery in SDH and OTN
networks�.  This 
appendix provides clarification of the network scenarios under which the
various discovery mechanisms 
described in the main body of the Recommendation may be utilized.  G.7714 and
G.7714.1 pertain to 
discovery in the transport plane.
We look forward to continuing work with IETF on ASON related topics.
An electronic copy of this liaison statement is available at:	
-	TD212R1/P SG15 (G.8080 Revision) 
-	TD216R1/P SG15 (G.7713 Revision)
-	TD214R1/P SG15 (New Appendix VI of G.7714.1)