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Liaison statement
Regarding the LEMONADE Profile

State Posted
Submitted Date 2006-03-26
From Group lemonade
From Contact Glenn Parsons
To Contacts
Response Contact
Technical Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments Liaison text
LEMONADE profile update
The LEMONADE working group (WG) would like to thank the OMA Mobile Email Sub
Working Group for your latest liaison.

We appreciate your response to the questions that we had asked in our previous
liaison.  We have a specific comment based on your feedback on subsetting the
OMA STI parameters for content transformation.

For the IMAP CONVERT protocol, the LEMONADE WG, as part of the IETF, must be
cognizant that the consumers of our protocol specifications includes the entire
set of Internet developers.  Many of the media conversions that are obvious for
the mobile environment, such as image or multimedia conversion, are not
relevant for many of the consumers of IETF protocols.  Therefore, the only
‘Mandatory to Implement’ conversion that will appear in the CONVERT
protocol is HTML to TEXT.  Virtually all messaging systems from almost all
Internet domains can use this conversion, so including it in the set of
mandatory conversions does not put an undue burden on implementations that do
not focus on the mobile environment.  That said, the HTML to TEXT conversion
exercises the entire functionality of the CONVERT protocol.  Be assured that
the protocol itself can support any subset or even the entire OMA STI parameter
suite.  Thus, we encourage the OMA to further subset the full list of STI
parameters to make it realistic for the OMA mobile enabler.  As a result, we
propose that LEMONADE would not specify the STI list decided by OMA MEM, but
that this would be included in the OMA MEM TS.

As we have indicated before, the LEMONADE WG is working on a set of extensions
to IMAP and ESMTP to support mobile email.  This set will be succinctly
described in the LEMONADE profile (draft-ietf-lemonade-profile-bis).  We
understand that the OMA TS will normatively reference the LEMONADE profile for
the MEM protocol.  In order to help you understand this protocol better, we
have attached a presentation to update OMA MEM on the content of the LEMONADE

Up-to-date information on LEMONADE Internet-Drafts and RFCs can always be found
at with more detail
tracked on the supplemental site.

Finally, as information, the next meetings of the IETF LEMONADE WG are:
-       May 31 – IETF LEMONADE 65.5 interim meeting – Ottawa (details TBD)
-       Jul 10-14 – IETF 66 plenary - Montreal