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Recently published IETF RFCs relevant to GMPLS, Optical Transport Networks, and Packet Transport Networks

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Recently published IETF RFCs relevant to GMPLS, Optical Transport Networks, and
Packet Transport Networks

The IETF's CCAMP working group is pleased to inform Study Group 15 of the ITU-T
of the publication of several new RFCs that are relevant to the work that you
are doing with optical and packet transport networks. Several of these RFCs
received useful review and input from Study Group 15 participants for which
CCAMP would like to express its thanks.

RFC 4257
   Framework for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label
   Switching (GMPLS)-based Control of Synchronous Digital
   Hierarchy/Synchronous Optical Networking (SDH/SONET) Networks
   Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) is a suite of
   protocol extensions to MPLS to make it generally applicable, to
   include, for example, control of non packet-based switching, and
   particularly, optical switching.  One consideration is to use GMPLS
   protocols to upgrade the control plane of optical transport networks.
   This document illustrates this process by describing those extensions
   to GMPLS protocols that are aimed at controlling Synchronous Digital
   Hierarchy (SDH) or Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) networks.
   SDH/SONET networks make good examples of this process for a variety
   of reasons.  This document highlights extensions to GMPLS-related
   routing protocols to disseminate information needed in transport path
   computation and network operations, together with (G)MPLS protocol
   extensions required for the provisioning of transport circuits.  New
   capabilities that an GMPLS control plane would bring to SDH/SONET
   networks, such as new restoration methods and multi-layer circuit
   establishment, are also discussed.

RFC 4258
   Requirements for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
   Routing for the Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON)
   The Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) suite of
   protocols has been defined to control different switching
   technologies as well as different applications.  These include
   support for requesting Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) connections
   including Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)/Synchronous Digital
   Hierarchy (SDH) and Optical Transport Networks (OTNs).

   This document concentrates on the routing requirements placed on the
   GMPLS suite of protocols in order to support the capabilities and
   functionalities of an Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON)
   as defined by the ITU-T.

RFC 4327
   Link Management Protocol (LMP) Management Information Base (MIB)
   This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB)
   for use with network management protocols in the Internet community.
   In particular, it describes managed objects for modeling the Link
   Management Protocol (LMP).

RFC 4328
   Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
   Signaling Extensions for G.709 Optical Transport Networks Control
   This document is a companion to the Generalized Multi-Protocol Label
   Switching (GMPLS) signaling documents.  It describes the technology-
   specific information needed to extend GMPLS signaling to control
   Optical Transport Networks (OTN); it also includes the so-called
   pre-OTN developments.

RFC 4394
   A Transport Network View of the Link Management Protocol (LMP)
   The Link Management Protocol (LMP) has been developed as part of the
   Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) protocol suite to manage Traffic Engineering
   (TE) resources and links.  The GMPLS control plane (routing and
   signaling) uses TE links for establishing Label Switched Paths
   (LSPs).  This memo describes the relationship of the LMP procedures
   to 'discovery' as defined in the International Telecommunication
   Union (ITU-T), and ongoing ITU-T work.  This document provides an
   overview of LMP in the context of the ITU-T Automatically Switched
   Optical Networks (ASON) and transport network terminology and relates
   it to the ITU-T discovery work to promote a common understanding for
   progressing the work of IETF and ITU-T.

RFC 4397
   A Lexicography for the Interpretation of Generalized Multiprotocol
   Label Switching (GMPLS) Terminology within the Context of the
   ITU-T's Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Architecture
   Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) has been developed
   by the IETF to facilitate the establishment of Label Switched Paths
   (LSPs) in a variety of data plane technologies and across several
   architectural models.  The ITU-T has specified an architecture for
   the control of Automatically Switched Optical Networks (ASON).

   This document provides a lexicography for the interpretation of GMPLS
   terminology within the context of the ASON architecture.

   It is important to note that GMPLS is applicable in a wider set of
   contexts than just ASON.  The definitions presented in this document
   do not provide exclusive or complete interpretations of GMPLS
   concepts.  This document simply allows the GMPLS terms to be applied
   within the ASON context.

RFC 4426
   Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
   Recovery Functional Specification
   This document presents a functional description of the protocol
   extensions needed to support Generalized Multi-Protocol Label
   Switching (GMPLS)-based recovery (i.e., protection and restoration).
   Protocol specific formats and mechanisms will be described in
   companion documents.

RFC 4427
   Recovery (Protection and Restoration) Terminology
   for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
   This document defines a common terminology for Generalized Multi-
   Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)-based recovery mechanisms (i.e.,
   protection and restoration).  The terminology is independent of the
   underlying transport technologies covered by GMPLS.

RFC 4428
   Analysis of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)-based
   Recovery Mechanisms (including Protection and Restoration)
   This document provides an analysis grid to evaluate, compare, and
   contrast the Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
   protocol suite capabilities with the recovery mechanisms currently
   proposed at the IETF CCAMP Working Group.  A detailed analysis of
   each of the recovery phases is provided using the terminology defined
   in RFC 4427.  This document focuses on transport plane survivability
   and recovery issues and not on control plane resilience and related

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