Liaison statement
Continued IETF / SG15 Cooperation on T-MPLS and other MPLS Issues

Submission date 2006-07-03
From IETF CCAMP WG (Adrian Farrel)
To ITU-T SG15 (Greg jones)
Cc Loa Andersson, George Swallow, Deborah Brungard, Ross Callon, Bill Fenner, Stewart Bryant, Danny McPherson, Mark Townsley, IESG, IAB, Steve Trowbridge, Malcolm Betts, Ghani Abbas, Houlin Zhao, Yoichi Maeda, Jari Arkko, Scott Bradner, Scott Brim, CCAMP mailing list, MPLS mailing list, PWE3 mailing list
Response contact Adrian Farrel, Ross Callon
Technical contact Stewart Bryant, Loa Andersson
Purpose For action
Deadline 2006-09-25 Action Taken
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From: Adrian Farrel (IETF Liaison to SG15, CCAMP WG Chair,
      Loa Andersson (IETF MPLS WG Chair;
      George Swallow (IETF MPLS WG Chair;
      Deborah Brungard  (IETF CCAMP WG Chair,
      Ross Callon (IETF Routing Area Director;
      Bill Fenner (IETF Routing Area Director;
      Stewart Bryant (IETF PWE3 WG Chair;
      Danny McPherson  (IETF PWE3 WG Chair,
      Mark Townsley (IETF Internet Area Director,
To:   ITU-T Study Group 15; Greg Jones  (

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      IAB  (
      Steve Trowbridge  (
      Malcolm Betts  (
      Ghani Abbas  (
      Houlin Zhao  (
      Yoichi Maeda   (
      Jari Arkko (
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Subject: Continued IETF / SG15 Cooperation on T-MPLS and other MPLS

We would like to thank you for the invitation to allow IETF experts to
attend the recent SG15 Rapporteur’s meeting in Ottawa. We were
particularly interested in contributing to the SG15, Question 12
meeting considering T-MPLS specifications. We note that multiple IETF
experts attended, including Ross Callon (Routing AD), Loa Andersson
(MPLS WG Chair), and Stewart Bryant (PWE3 WG Chair). We also note that
this meeting resulted in a very cooperative and productive discussion,
which resulted in significantly improved mutual understanding of issues
as well as substantial detailed discussion. This included detailed
technical discussion as well as detailed text editing. 

During the Rapporteur’s meeting, extensive technical updates were
proposed and agreed to for G.8110.1 (Architecture of Transport MPLS
(T-MPLS) Layer Network ). These discussions identified issues, errors,
and omissions in G.8110.1, and also came up with a significant amount
of new text which allows very substantial improvements to this
document. These discussions also identified areas for further
consideration and where additional improvements, clarifications and/or
discussions are warranted, such as the need for specification of the
requirements for T-MPLS, as well as for specification of the scope of

We would like to strongly recommend that G.8110.1 not be published in
the form that was consented prior to the Ottawa meeting, and that the
substantial improvements that were agreed in the Ottawa meeting be
incorporated in the text prior to publication. Furthermore, due to the
extensive nature of these important improvements, and due to the
existence of some further issues that warrant additional consideration,
we also strongly recommend that time be allowed for review of the
updated document by SG15 and IETF experts, including an additional
round of liaison of this document to the IETF, and particularly to the
MPLS, CCAMP, and PWE3 working groups for further review and comment. 

We are aware that a further Rapporteur's meeting is planned for Sophia
Antipolis in the week commencing 18th September 2006, and we hope that
it will be possible to facilitate attendance by non-ITU IETF experts in
order to continue the excellent cooperative progress made in Ottawa. We
request that any updates made to, or proposed for, the text of G.8110.1
be liaised to the IETF after the September meeting to allow us to make
comments in advance of the SG15 Plenary in October/November this year.

We would like to thank you and SG15 participants for the very positive
interaction at the Ottawa Rapporteur’s meeting, and we look forward
to continued positive interaction between ITU and IETF experts. 


Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
George Swallow
Deborah Brungard
Ross Callon
Bill Fenner
Steward Bryant
Danny McPherson
Mark Townsley