Liaison statement
IAB review and recommendations for Internationalized Domain Names

State Posted
Submitted Date 2006-10-02
From Group IAB
From Contact Leslie Daigle
To Group ITU-T-SG-17
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Purpose For information
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Dear Mr. Bertine,

The IAB has noted that Study Group 17 has developed a new
question 16  on Internationalised Domain Names, IDNs. The IAB
would like to agree  with SG17 and stress the importance of
IDNs for ease of use and  easier adoption of ICT in many
countries as it gives increased  support in local languages.
IDNs are also of importance to the IAB,  and we would therefore
like to draw your attention to the recently  published RFC 4690
"Review and Recommendations for Internationalised  Domain
Names (IDN)". The IAB believes this document addresses some of
the issues you may be considering, and also future
development with the IDN standards, which as you know were
developed and will be maintained in the IETF. The IAB would like
to ensure that Q.16 works cooperatively with the IETF and the
directions outlined in RFC 4690, as inadvertent duplication of
work on IDNs no doubt would cause confusion and further
impediments to successful internationalization of the Internet.

Leslie Daigle,
Chair, IAB.