Liaison statement
NGN Management Focus Group

Submission date 2007-02-21
From ITU-T SG 4 (Greg Jones)
To IETF OAM Area (Dan Romascanu, David Kessens)
Response contact,
Technical contact
Purpose For information
Attachments NGN Management Focus Group - body text
This liaison statement informs you about the current state and the
plans of the NGN Management Focus Group (NGNMFG). 
This focus group was established in September 2004 to organize and
undertake a centralized approach regarding specification of NGN
Management related to FCAPS interfaces, in particular to support NGN
Release 1. Under the provisions of ITU-T Recommendation A.7, the NGNMFG
was organized under the sponsorship of SG 4. 
Since its inception, the NGNMFG has worked on its main deliverable, the
NGN Management Roadmap. Recently version 3.1 was completed.
The NGNMFG reported about the progress of its activities to the
February 2007 SG 4 meeting. At this meeting, SG 4, decided to continue
the NGNMFG under modified terms of reference, justified in part by the
need for additional deliverables.
The most recent version of the Roadmap document and the terms of
reference under which the NGNMFG will continue its operation (v5.0) are
available from the public part of the ITU-T SG 4 website:
In order to support the role of the NGN Management Roadmap document as
a complete and comprehensive set of NGN Management specifications, you
are kindly requested to bring any related specification activities in
your organizations to the attention of the NGNMFG.
Any participants of your organization that are interested in NGNMFG
activities and documentation are invited to register as indicated at
the aforementioned website.