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Liaison statement
OMA LS 178 on XCAP diff-event

State Posted
Submitted Date 2007-03-01
From Group OMA
From Contact Dean Willis
To Group sip
To Contacts
Response Contact Pavel Dostal <>
Antti Laurila <>
Technical Contact Pavel Dostal <>
Antti Laurila <>
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2007-03-23 Action Taken
Attachments OMA LS 178 on XCAP Diff Event
1	Overview

This liaison seeks IETF SIP WG for the opinion on the XCAP Diff
Event Package as drafted in draft-urpalainen-sip-xcap-diff-event-00.

2	Proposal

OMA PAG WG deals with a requirement to enable subscription for
notification of changes in XCAP resource not only to single
document but also to single XCAP component (XML element or attribute).
This can not be achieved using draft-ietf-sip-xcap-config because the
subscription in this case is allowed only to single document or

A new SIP event package “xcap-diff� is defined in
This event package allows subscription to a set of XCAP
resources where resources can be either folder or document
or component identified by node selector.

As this functionality fits to current requirements, OMA PAG WG
is considering adopting draft-urpalainen-sip-xcap-diff-event-00
as the solution for XCAP clients to receive partial changes of
the XCAP resources.

3	Requested Action(s)

OMA PAG WG kindly requests IETF SIP WG on the opinion on the
XCAP Diff Event Package as drafted in
draft-urpalainen-sip-xcap-diff-event-00 and its expected

4	Conclusion

OMA PAG WG would like to thank IETF SIP WG for their kind
consideration and response to this liaison request and look
forward to future opportunities to work together.