Liaison statement
Progress on G.8110.1 Amendment

Submission date 2007-04-02
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
To IETF PWE3 and MPLS Working Groups (,,,
Response contact,
Technical contact
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2007-06-01 Action Taken
Attachments Progress on G.8110.1 Amendment - full text of liaison statement
Draft amendment 1 of G.8110.1 (WD12r4 Milan)
Q.12/15 thanks the MFA forum for the liaison on G.8110.1 Amendment 1. 
We also noted the liaison from the IETF mpls and pwe3 Working Groups
which indicated that although they did not have time to fully review
the draft amendment they did share the concerns expressed by the MFA
To address the concerns we have modified the text of the draft
amendment as follows:
•	The description of point to multipoint has been enhanced, in
particular Appendix V
•	A new clause 13 has been added describe security considerations.
We have attached the revised version of the amendment for you to
review.  We intend to consent the amendment, based on this revised
draft, at the June 2007 meeting of SG15.

Attachment:		 Draft amendment 1 of G.8110.1 (WD12r4 Milan)