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Liaison Statement: Multi-Layer Networking (MLN) Work in CCAMP

Submission Date: 2007-04-04
From: IETF CCAMP WG (Adrian Farrel)
To: ITU-T Q14/15 (Greg Jones)
Cc:Stephen Trowbridge
Kam Lam
Ross Callon
Dave Ward
Scott Bradner
CCAMP Mailing List
Response Contact: Adrian Farrel
Deborah Brungard
Technical Contact: Adrian Farrel
Deborah Brungard
Purpose: For action
Deadline: 2007-05-18 Action Taken
Attachments: (none)
The CCAMP working group notes your request to review its work on
Networking (MLN) as indicated in your liaison "Liaison Statement to
responding to ccamp liaison of 21 February 2007" dated March 2007.

We are nearing completion of our analysis of the requirements for MLN,
our evaluation of existing protocols, so now is an appropriate time for
review this material, and we would be grateful for your comments on or

before the deadline marked above.

The requirements work can be found at
The protocol evaluation is at

In your review of this material, it may be helpful to pay particular
care to 
understand the definition of MLN that is used. It may also be helpful
to use 
some of the terminology interpretation presented in RFC4397.

The CCAMP working group also anticipates working on protocol extensions
fill the lacunae identified by the protocol evaluation Internet-Draft.
individual submission on this subject may be found at,

but the working group has yet to make a decision about whether to
this as the basis for the work.

We note that in a liaison dated February 2004 discussing the signaling

requirements for ASON and reviewing
you said:

    11. G.8080 defines the ASON control plane as applying to a
        single layer.  Some examples in the draft involve multiple
        layers.  While not precluded by implementations, a suggested
        replacement example is contained in the marked up copy that
        is single layer.

Could you please confirm your current view of the definition of the
control plane in G.8080. Does the ASON control plane now apply to more
one layer? Could you please provide references to the appropriate
of your Recommendations.

Best regards,
Adrian Farrel and Deborah Brungard
Co-chairs, IETF CCAMP Working Group