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Liaison statement
IETF SIP WG Response to OMA LS 178 on XCAP diff-event

State Posted
Submitted Date 2007-05-01
From Group sip
From Contact Dean Willis
To Contacts
Cc drage Keith <>
Ileana Leuca <>
Victoria Gray <>
Response Contact
drage Keith <>
Technical Contact
drage Keith <>
Purpose In response
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The IETF SIP working group thanks the OMA PAG working
group for communicating with us in regards to PAG's
requirements for an XCAP event package.

A design team met in an ad-hoc session during IETF 68,
and reached the conclusion that a more general solution
to the problem of change reporting on XCAP documents
than that provided by the current SIPPING config
framework draft would be desirable. The team achieved
consensus on working from the document
draft-urpalainen-sip-xcap-diff-event-01 as baseline

It has not yet been determined by the IETF leadership
as to which working group will develop this event
package, but current indicators are that this would be
within the scope of the SIPPING working group, and that
initial editorial work will be provided in large part
by Jari Urpalienen.

The largest open issue with this work appears to be
related to the initial synchronization phase. Questions
related to this were raised by Jari on the SIP mailing
list on April 25. The SIP working group would like to
encourage OMA PAG to participate in this discussion on
the SIP mailing list and to consider whether the
limitations of the current mechanism as discussed by
Jari are acceptable for PAG's requirements.