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Liaison statement
GMPLS Control of 802.1Qay Networks

State Posted
Submitted Date 2007-06-04
From Group ccamp
From Contact Adrian Farrel
To Group IEEE-802-1
To Contacts Tony Jeffree <>
Cc Paul Congdon <>
Dan Romascanu <>
Ross Callon <>
Dave Ward <>
Bernard Aboba <>
Bert Wijnen <>
CCAMP Mailing List <>
GELS Mailing List <>
Response Contact Adrian Farrel <>
Deborah Brungard <>
Technical Contact Adrian Farrel <>
Deborah Brungard <>
Purpose For action
Deadline 2007-07-19 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
The CCAMP Working Group of the IETF notes the recent approval
of a PAR for the 802.1Qay project, and we understand that
part of the intent of this project is to support provisioning
systems that explicitly select traffic engineered paths within
Provider Backbone Bridge (802.1ah) Networks.

It has been suggested that GMPLS protocols developed within
the IETF under the care of the CCAMP Working Group are
suitable aids to such provisioning systems. We propose to
investigate the applicability of GMPLS protocols to the
control of 802.1Qay networks, and we would like to work with
the IEEE by proposing suitable GMPLS protocol extensions for
use in single and multi-domain networks subject to 802.1
reaching consensus on the definition of the data plane.

Please confirm that in your opinion the use of GMPLS control
plane protocols in this way is appropriate, and that IEEE
802.1 has no objection to the IETF CCAMP Working Group
starting work in this area.

Best regards,
Adrian Farrel and Deborah Brungard
IETF CCAMP Working Group Co-Chairs