Liaison statement
Cooperative Relationship between ITU-T SG15 and CCAMP

Submission date 2007-06-26
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
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Purpose For information
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ITU-T Q14/15 would like to thank the IETF CCAMP working group for the
liaison response titled “Cooperative Relationship between ITU-T SG15
and CCAMP�. Please find below as requested our response to some of
the points mentioned in your liaison regarding our cooperative
relationship between our groups based on the example of our ASON
routing protocol cooperation. Q14/15 has not responded to the points
that are addressing more general issues, i.e., procedural or process
issues since these will be addressed when the IETF management team
meets with the ITU-T SG15 management team prior to the next IETF
Q14/15 is becoming increasingly concerned about the progression of the
routing protocol work in IETF CCAMP where protocol extensions are
needed in order to meet the ASON routing protocol requirements. The
ASON routing protocol requirements were captured in the ITU-T
Recommendation G.7715.1, which was liaised to IETF CCAMP when it was
consented in February 2004. Extensive communication has occurred since
then and ITU-T members have joined the CCAMP design team to help IETF
CCAMP to better understand the ASON routing requirements. Q14/15 also
provided feedback several times to IETF CCAMP through liaisons where
Q14/15 expressed its concerns that the models and extensions being
generated do not satisfactorily meet the ASON routing requirements. 
Completion of the routing protocol activity is the most urgent activity
where the cooperation between our groups should be improved.
Q14/15 is looking forward to cooperate with IETF CCAMP to develop
protocol solutions that are of value to the industry.
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