Liaison statement

State Posted
Submitted Date 2007-07-26
From Group OMA
From Contact Dean Willis
To Group lemonade
To Contacts
Response Contact Hubert Segond
Technical Contact Hubert Segond
Purpose In response
Attachments PDF of original LS
1	Overview

This liaison is to update IETF LEMONADE on the progress in OMA MWG-MEM. The
Liaison Statement sent by the IETF LEMONADE was presented to the OMA MWG-MEM at
the Frankfurt OMA meeting in April, 2007.

2	Proposal

The OMA MWG-MEM sub-working group would like to update you on our progress.
Please find below the status and links to the latest versions of the relevant
documents in the OMA MWG-MEM sub-working group:

-	The Requirements Document (MEM RD) has been approved as “Candidate�.

-	The Architecture Document (MEM AD) is complete and in the process of
final review with the OMA Architecture working group.

-	The Technical Specification (MEM TS) development work has started.

A presentation on the current MEM AD and TS status will be made at the upcoming
IETF LEMONADE WG meeting in July 2007.

Regarding ‘out-of-band’ notification on OMA Mobile Email, our understanding is
that there is no current plan to extend OMA Email Notification (EMN). We are
considering other options offered by the OMA Content Delivery (CD) working
group and other SDOs.

We are also in the process of rationalizing a limited mandatory set of STI
parameters for transcoding, and are currently looking at character set
translation into Universal Unicode format.

We are interested in the LEMONADE interoperability test cases and results, and
will gladly socialize them with the OMA IOP working group.

Finally, we are looking forward to updating you on our MEM AD and TS work
progress at the upcoming IETF LEMONADE meeting, July 2007, in Chicago.

3	Requested Action(s)

This Liaison Statement is in response to the previous Liaison Statement sent by
IETF LEMONADE WG to MWG-MEM SWG.  We would appreciate feedback on the possible
relevance of IETF LEMONADE work.

OMA MWG-MEM is happy to collaborate with the IETF LEMONADE WG in any matter
related to the Mobile Email activity.

4	Conclusion

OMA MWG-MEM would like to thank the IETF LEMONADE WG for their kind
consideration of the present Liaison Statement and looks forward for continued
collaboration in the future.