Liaison statement
Your OTNT Work Plan

Submission date 2007-08-22
From IETF CCAMP WG (Adrian Farrel)
To ITU-T Q3/15 (Greg Jones)
Cc Hiroshi Otha, Stephen Trowbridge, Deborah Brungard, JP Vasseur, Ross Callon, David Ward, Scott Bradner, CCAMP Mailing List, PCE Mailing List
Response contact Adrian Farrel
Technical contact Adrian Farrel
Purpose In response
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Thank you for continuing to share your OTNT work plan through your liaison 
from your June plenary in Geneva. I have made the IETF's CCAMP and PCE 
working groups aware of the work plan, and at this time we do not have any 
issues or concerns to raise resulting from the content of the plan.

Please note that the publication of new RFCs related to the optical control 
plane are notified to SG15 through separate liaisons from time to time, and 
you may wish to update table 7-1-2 accordingly. 

Please keep us informed as your work plan evolves.

Best regards,
Adrian Farrel
IETF Liaison to the ITU-T SG15 on Optical Control Plane