Liaison statement
Liaison Statement to CCAMP on GMPLS Calls

Submission date 2007-09-20
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
Response contact
Technical contact,
Purpose For action
Deadline 2008-02-04 Action Taken
Attachments Liaison Statement to CCAMP on GMPLS Calls - body text
Thank you for your careful response.  The assumptions about the GMPLS
call being as general as possible are noted, and we are interested to
know what other call applications there may be in addition to ASON and
the CCAMP VCAT draft.
The description given of how information relevant to Call Controllers
is transparent in the network (between call boundaries, and to the
means of delivering the call message) is consistent with our
understanding.  However, TNA information while “not used in the
propagation or delivery of the message� is used to identify the
destination UNI and hence Network Call Controller, and may by used at
ENNIs to also determined the next Network Call Controller in the
sequence of call segments that constitute the call.
We would appreciate guidance on how to carry ASON call information
across a GMPLS network so that it can be reconstructed at ASON call
boundaries.  This would include communication between ASON UNI to UNI,
UNI to ENNI, and ENNI to ENNI (both over a link between domains and
across a GMPLS domain).  As mentioned in the liaison, we support the
resumption of work on a CCAMP I-D on ASON applicability to address the
above and would welcome the opportunity to contribute through

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