Liaison statement
Liaison statement from JCA-IdM Co-conveners to IETF Security Area on initial meeting of JCA-IdM and IdM-GSI

State Posted
Posted Date 2008-01-07
From Group ITU-T-SG-17
From Contact Xiaoya Yang
To Group SEC
To Contacts Scott Bradne
Response Contact
Technical Contact rcbrack@VERIZON.NET
Purpose For action
Deadline 2008-01-15 Action Taken
Attachments Initial Meetings of the Joint Coordination Activity for Identity Management (JCA IdM) and of the Global Standards Initiative for Identity Management (IdM-GSI)
The Telecommunication Standards Advisory Group (TSAG) which manages the
overall work of the ITU-T, at its December 2007 meeting, approved the creation
of the Joint Coordination Activity on Identity Management (JCA-IdM) together
with a Global Standards Initiative for Identity Management (IdM-GSI). The
purpose of the JCA-IdM is to coordinate the ITU-T Identity Management (IdM)
work among ITU-T Study Groups. Other SDOs, consortia and forums are invited to
nominate one or two representatives. The JCA-IdM will provide a report on its
work to the TSAG which next meets in July 2008. The IdM-GSI is a grouping of
ITU-T Study Group Rapporteur meetings working on IdM for telecommunications.

The membership of the JCA-IdM is composed of representatives from the ITU
Study Groups and invited representatives from recognized IdM external SDOs,
consortia and forums. It would be helpful if the ITU Study Groups and forums
external to the ITU could provide the co-Conveners the name, organization,
telephone number and email address for one or two individuals that can serve
as a representative to the JCA-IdM.

The first IdM-GSI event will occur on 18 and 21 January 2008 in Seoul, Korea,
and will involve Q.6/17 and Q.15/13. Representatives from interested external
SDOs, consortia and forums are invited to contact the Rapporteurs (Abbie
Barbir,; Igor Faynberg, if they
want to participate.
The first JCA-IdM meeting will occur on 22 January 2008 at the same venue. For
those who will not be able to attend in person, the following
telecommunication bridge will be available from 9 am to 6 pm, Seoul time (GMT
	Telephone Number: +33 1 58 99 29 15
Please inform the co-Conveners of intended remote participation. 
More details of these IdM related events in Seoul are found in TSB Circular
174, revision 1
( and
available on the JCA-IdM website at
Other IdM GSI events are planned during the 7 – 18 April 2008 SG 17 joint
meeting with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6, and during the 14 – 23 May NGN-GSI event.
Both events will be held in Geneva. Detailed meeting information (including
final dates) will be available on the IdM-GSI website at 

Contributions to the first JCA-IdM meeting
For the first JCA-IdM meeting on 22 January, we request
contributions/briefings that describe:
•	The IdM work that is occurring in your study group/organization, to
include objectives, scope, milestones and other information that you believe
would be useful to the JCA-IdM;
•	Your views on new IdM work items that could be undertaken by the ITU-T;
•	What material in the reports of the Focus Group on IdM (see Annex 3) are
relevant to your activities and should be pursued by your organization; and
•	What is your definition and scope of IdM.
Please send contributions to the TSB secretariat by electronic mail to by Sunday midnight, Geneva time, 15 January 2008.