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Liaison statement
Response to the liaison on Y.RACF-DistribMPLS "Distributed RACF Architecture for MPLS Networks"

State Posted
Submitted Date 2008-04-03
From Group mpls
From Contact Loa Andersson
To Group ITU-T-SG-13
To Contacts
Cc Ross Callon <>
David Ward <>
Stewart Bryant <>
Georges Sebel <>
Response Contact
Technical Contact Loa Andersson <>
George Swallow <>
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2008-07-25 Action Taken
Attachments (None)
Thank you for your liaison from your Seoul meeting on
Y.RACF-DistribMPLS "Distributed RACF Architecture for
MPLS Networks".

This work is of interest to the MPLS Working
Group.  Please keep us informed as the work progresses.

Upon a cursory review we have identified some points where
clarification would be beneficial to our understanding.

Our reading is that ITU-T 4/13 has defined and Session
Border Controller Connection Admission Control function
as a gateway connected with an MPLS LER and in the so called
distributed environment it appears that this function is
embedded in the ingress MPLS LER.

There are several points where we would greatly appreciate your

1. Describe the process by which the SBC gateway determines
   QoS and priority requirements by the so called "Policy
   Decision and Functional Entity" [PD-FE]?

2. Once the PD-FE QoS and priority requirements have been established
   by the PD-FE, what is the process by which they are then
   communicated to the MPLS LER?

3. Describe the expected behavior by the MPLS LER, e.g.
   the actual mechanism for tunneling.

4. What is meant by a PE-FE function as pointed out on
   page 4 of this document, eg. that an Ingress LER will also
   possess SBC gateway capabilities?

5. What extensions of DS-TE do you expect to have
   if any to support the PE-FE capability?

We look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

George Swallow and Loa Andersson, MPLS wg co-chairs