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Liaison Statement: OMA LS 0275 to IETF XCON

Submission Date: 2008-04-15
From: OMA (Dean Willis)
To: IETF XCON Working Group (Adam Roach)
Cc:Jon Peterson
Cullen Jennings
Response Contact:
Technical Contact:
Purpose: For action
Deadline: 2008-05-01 Action Taken
Attachments: LS in Word format
Title:	LS_to_IETF_XCON_on_status_of_XCON	 Public       Confidential LS
Date:	11 March 2008
Ms. Ileana Leuca, OMA IETF Liaison Coordinator, 
Source:	MWG of the Open Mobile Alliance
Send Replies to: 
Contact(s):	Kyung-Tak Lee, MWG Chair
Attachments:	n/a
We would like to inform you that the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA),, is working on a set of specifications
related to building a converged communications framework and notably
supporting conferencing features for which potential synergies have
been identified with the set of technical specifications worked on in
IETF XCON and more especially the following aspects:
XCON Framework, 
XCON Common Data Model, and notably the envisioned extensions to the
SIP Conference Event Package,
Conference Control Protocol.
The MWG group would like to understand from the IETF XCON Working Group
the timelines envisioned for the aforementioned aspects of the XCON
suite of specifications.
Requested Action(s)
Kindly provide answers to the question from OMA MWG.
OMA MWG-CPM would appreciate your feedback on this particular topic.

With best regards, 
             Kyung-Tak Lee, 
Chair, Messaging Working Group
Open Mobile Alliance