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Liaison statement
OMA LS 280 MWG-MEM SWG Response to Liaison from the IETF LEMONADE WG

State Posted
Submitted Date 2008-04-18
From Group OMA
From Contact Dean Willis
To Group lemonade
To Contacts Eric Burger <>
Glenn Parsons <>
Cc Chris Newman <>
Lisa Dusseault <>
Response Contact Hubert Segond <>
Technical Contact Hubert Segond <>
Purpose For information
Attachments Original LS in DOC format
1) Overview

This Liaison Statement is in response to the previous Liaison Statement from
the IETF LEMONADE WG, and presented to the OMA MWG-MEM SWG at the Paris OMA
meeting in April, 2008.

This liaison highlights progress in OMA MWG-MEM regarding our feedback on the
OMA MEM requirements in the context of the IETF LEMONADE work.

2) Proposal

During our April meeting in Paris, we reviewed OMA Mobile Email (MEM)
requirements with Mr. Alexey Melnikov from the IETF LEMONADE WG, and confirmed
that LEMONADE generally meets the requirements in the OMA MEM RD.   We also
discussed requirements that were unclear to IETF LEMONADE, and provided
feedback with regards to their applicability to the LEMONADE work.  This
feedback is captured in an updated review document, which can be downloaded
from the OMA portal at:

We look forward to updating you on our work progress at the upcoming IETF
LEMONADE meeting, July 2008, in Dublin, Ireland.

3) Requested Action(s)

This Liaison Statement is in response to the previous Liaison Statement sent by

OMA MWG-MEM is happy to collaborate with the IETF LEMONADE WG in any matter
 related to the Mobile Email activity.