Liaison statement
Response to "OMA LS 0275 to IETF XCON"

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Submitted Date 2008-05-05
From Group xcon
From Contact Adam Roach
To Group OMA
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Purpose In response
Attachments Re: Liaison Statement “LS_to_IETF_XCON_on_status_of_XCON”
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                                              May 1, 2008

Re: Liaison Statement "LS_to_IETF_XCON_on_status_of_XCON"

Mr. Lee:

The XCON working group has recently evaluated its progress, and
revised our milestones to reflect the current state of affairs. Our current
status and goals for the deliverables you cite are as follows:

- XCON Framework: This work has been finalized by the XCON
working group, and is in the final stages of IESG evaluation. I
anticipate that it will be provided to the RFC Editor for publication
in a small number of days.

- XCON Common Data Model: This work is believed to be largely
complete, and has entered an evaluation by the XCON working
group. This period ends on May 15th. This document will not be
published until the conference control protocol has been
completed, to allow for the potential for late changes that may be
necessitated by design decisions made during finalization of the
protocol. However, unless such changes are required, then the
document, as it exists at the end of May, should largely represent
the final form of the specification for which XCON will request

- XCON Event Package Modifications: The working group's current
goal is to submit this document to the IESG in September of 2008.

- Conference Control Protocol: The working group's current goal is
to submit this document to the IESG for publication in December of
2008 (along with the Common Data Model; see notes above).

OMA should take note that the Conference Control Protocol will not
define which operations are allowed to be performed by which parties;
nor does it provide a mechanism for specifying such permissions. XCON
has one final known deliverable after the conference control protocol is
finalized; it will define this policy model and the mechanism for
specifying permissions. This document is currently planned for
submission to the IESG in April of 2009.

Finally, to ensure a proper set of expectations have been set, please
note that the timelines I discuss above are those set for the XCON
working group. Once an IETF working group has finished a specification,
it undergoes a final evaluation by the IETF community at large, and by the
IESG. These steps can introduce a variable delay in a document's
publication lifecycle. Once these final evaluations outside of the XCON
working group have been completed, documents are provided to the RFC
Editor for final editorial review and publication. The RFC Editor publishes
documents in roughly the order they are received (subject to process-
imposed delays, such as waiting for normative references to be finalized).
Typically, the time between submission to the RFC Editor and publication
as an RFC is on the order of three months.

Adam Roach
XCON Co-Chair