Liaison statement
IETF PCN Working Group Response to Liaison Statement TD 1653R2 (Plen/11) from ITU-T Study Group 11

Submission date 2008-05-21
From IETF PCN WG (Steven Blake)
To ITU-T/Study Group 11 (Tina Tsou)
Cc IETF PCN mailing list, Lars Eggert, Magnus Westerlund, Monique Morrow
Response contact Steven Blake, Scott Bradner
Technical contact IETF PCN mailing list
Purpose In response
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To: ITU-T Study Group 11

Thank you for your liaison from your Seoul meeting on
your intent to utilize PCN in a RACF-controlled environment.

At this time, key details of the PCN architecture, such as packet
encoding, interior node marking behaviors, and edge node computations
and communication flows, still remain to be decided.  Hence we recommend
that the ITU-T proceed cautiously in any work that depends on the emerging
PCN architecture. 

We encourage you to continue monitoring developments in the PCN working
group, and to keep us informed as you investigate the requirements of
using the IETF PCN architecture and protocols in a RACF-controlled 

Thank you,

Scott Bradner and Steven Blake, PCN working group co-chairs