Liaison statement
Liaison Statement on ITU-T Recommendation X.1034

State Posted
Posted Date 2008-08-06
From Group ITU-T-SG-17
From Contact Xiaoya Yang
To Group emu
To Contacts
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Technical Contact
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2008-09-15 Action Taken
Attachments ITU-T Recommendation X.1034
ITU-T Study Group 17 has taken note of the 28 May 2008 announcement on the
IETF new-work mailing list of the Recharter of EAP Method Update (emu).
ITU-T Study Group 17 has recently developed ITU-T Recommendation X.1034,
Guideline on extensible authentication protocol based authentication and key
management in a data communication network. The Recommendation provides
guidance on selection of the EAP methods and describes the mechanisms for key
management for the lower layer of the data communication networks.
SG 17 would like to share this document with the experts of the IETF EMU
Working Group for their information, use and comments.
We also would like to inform you that Mr. Zachary Zeltsan, the Rapporteur of
Question 5 SG 17, will attend the IETF 72 meeting and would be able to present
the document at the SAAG session. 
-	ITU-T Recommendation X.1034