Liaison statement
MPLS in G.7712

Submission date 2008-10-06
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
To IETF Liaison to the ITU on MPLS and PWE3 WG Co-Chair (
Response contact
Technical contact,
Purpose For information
Attachments MPLS in G.7712 - body text pdf
Thank you for your liaison statement on March 27, 2008 to Q14/15
regarding the AAP version of G.7712, in particular regarding the text
in G.7712 that is similar to that in the AAP version of Y.1720, which
is the subject of your earlier liaison statement to Q9/15.
Please note that the relevant text in the G.7712 AAP document has been
addressed to the satisfaction of all the involved parties, including
those who raised the AAP comments. That is, a warning note has been
added to G.7712 to note that the MPLS-related data communication
functions specified in G.7712 (e.g. protection, termination,
encapsulation, interworking, etc) may need to be modified in order to
be aligned with IETF MPLS-TP (Transport Profile), which is being worked
on at the time of publication of this revision of G.7712. 
Please also note that to our knowledge, there are no other ITU-T SG15
Recommendations that carry similar text.

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