Liaison statement
LS52 - MPLS-TP document process

Submission date 2009-06-04
From ITU-T SG 15 (Greg Jones)
To IETF MEAD team (
Response contact,,
Technical contact,,,
Purpose For information
Attachments LS52 - MPLS-TP document process - pdf
Thank you for your liaison containing
draft-andersson-mpls-tp-process-02.  We have reviewed this draft and we
now understand the process and will provide the appropriate interaction
to ensure the smooth development and review of MPLS-TP RFCs.
We request that you modify the draft to provide the following
•	Indicate that informal (email) communications are sent to the ITU-T
via the ahmpls-tp email list maintained by the ITU.  
•	Indicate that all MEAD team MPLS-TP documents include “mpls-tp” in
the file name.
•	In Step 15 of the process, please confirm that if changes are made at
this stage the draft will be sent to the ITU for a further review
before final approval.
•	Expand the description of step 7 to show both the 7 and 7a paths.
•	Expand the description of step 14 to explicitly show the 14a and 14b
•	Add a description of steps 14 & 15 in section 3