Liaison statement
Interim Comments on IETF PhoneBCP Draft

Submission date 2009-07-21
From 3GPP (Susanna Kooistra)
To The IETF (,
Purpose For information
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3GPP TSG SA WG2 Meeting #74			S2-094882
06 – 10 July, 2009, Sophia Antipolis, France

Title:	Interim Comments on IETF PhoneBCP Draft

Source:	3GPP TSG SA WG2
To:	Hannes Tschofenig (, Chairman IETF Ecrit
	Marc Linsner (, Chairman IETF Ecrit
	Cullen Jennings (, IETF Real-time Applications and
Infrastructure Area Director
Cc:	IETF Ecrit Working Group

Contact Person:	
Name:	Stephen Edge
Tel. Number:	+1-858-651-6234
E-mail Address:

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1. Overall Description:
3GPP TSG SA WG2 along with 3GPP TSG CT WG1 were requested by the TSG CT
Chair on behalf of IETF Ecrit on May 6 to provide any feedback on the
issue of applicability of the phoneBCP draft to a cellular environment.
The immediate issue at the time was inclusion of an applicability
statement in the draft but we assume that the question of applicability
itself would also be of concern.

The Email request was as follows:

From: Hannu Hietalahti [mailto:hannu.hietalahti@NOKIA.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 4:48 AM
Subject: Question on draft-ietf-ecrit-phonebcp

Dear CT1, SA2,
in the 3GPP - IETF telco earlier this week a question was brought up on
whether the phonebcp IETF draft could be applicable on cellular systems
or not:
We have got no dependency from 3GPP specifications and I am not saying
that we should have. In the 3GPP - IETF telco I promised to ping the
3GPP groups working in the area of VoIP and emergency calls just in
case someone might be able to help in this question.
The question seems to be whether it would be justified or not to
restrict the applicability area of the draft by excluding the use of it
in cellular environment. Even if we are currenlty not directly
referencing to the draft, for me it sounds a bit odd if IETF needs to
start categorising SIP extensions to those that are applicable in
cellular environment and to those that are not.
If you think you can help to solve this, please keep the CC'd Cullen
Jennings and Hannes Tschofenig in the discussion.
Hannu Hietalahti
3GPP TSG CT Chairman
tel: +358 40 5021724

Up to this point, there have been no comments on the SA WG2 Email
reflector and no meeting contributions on this issue. But the work
items within SA WG2 that could normally address comments related to
this and to which any contributions might have been directed are not on
the agenda in this SA WG2 meeting and hence a definitive response is
not possible at this time. However, the subject areas are back on the
agenda in our next meeting on August 31 to September 4.

We therefore plan to provide a definitive response to IETF Ecrit from
our next meeting and hope that this may be of use in completing this

2. Actions:
3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings:
TSG-SA2 Meeting #75	31st Aug – 4th Sep 2009	Kyoto, Japan
TSG-SA2 Meeting #76	16th – 20th November 2009	San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico