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Liaison Statement: MPLS-TP NM Req-03 Avaiable (ref # 004.02)

Submission Date: 2009-09-01
From: IETF MPLS WG (Loa Andersson)
To: ITU-T SG15, Q 9/15, Q 10/15, Q 12/15 and Q 14/15 (
Response Contact:
Technical Contact:
Purpose: For action
Deadline: 2009-09-15 Action Taken
Attachments: (none)
We are pleased to see that you find our suggested resolution for your
comments on draft-ietf-mpls-tp-nm-req-02.txt acceptable. We published 
have now a new version (version -03) of the draft, incorporating the 
suggested resolutions. 

The draft is available at:

We are looking forward to your timely acknowledgment that we now are
ready to request publication of the MPLS-TP requirements as an IETF

Loa Andersson 
Chair of the MEAD team