Liaison statement
Comments on IETF PhoneBCP Draft

Submission date 2009-09-15
From 3GPP (Susanna Kooistra)
To The IETF (,,,
Purpose For action
Deadline 2009-11-20 Action Taken
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3GPP TSG SA WG2 Meeting #75			S2-096100
31 August – 4 September, 2009, Kyoto, Japan

Title:	Comments on IETF PhoneBCP Draft

Source:	3GPP TSG SA WG2
To:	Hannes Tschofenig (, Chairman IETF Ecrit
	Marc Linsner (, Chairman IETF Ecrit
	Cullen Jennings (, IETF Real-time Applications and
Infrastructure Area Director
Cc:	IETF Ecrit Working Group

Contact Person:	
Name:	Stephen Edge
Tel. Number:	+1-858-651-6234
E-mail Address:

Attachments:	None

1. Overall Description:
3GPP TSG SA WG2 along with 3GPP TSG CT WG1 were requested by the TSG CT
Chair on behalf of IETF Ecrit on May 6 to provide feedback on the issue
of applicability of the phoneBCP draft to a cellular environment.

The Email request was as follows:

From: Hannu Hietalahti [mailto:hannu.hietalahti@NOKIA.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 4:48 AM
Subject: Question on draft-ietf-ecrit-phonebcp

Dear CT1, SA2,
in the 3GPP - IETF telco earlier this week a question was brought up on
whether the phonebcp IETF draft could be applicable on cellular systems
or not:
We have got no dependency from 3GPP specifications and I am not saying
that we should have. In the 3GPP - IETF telco I promised to ping the
3GPP groups working in the area of VoIP and emergency calls just in
case someone might be able to help in this question.
The question seems to be whether it would be justified or not to
restrict the applicability area of the draft by excluding the use of it
in cellular environment. Even if we are currenlty not directly
referencing to the draft, for me it sounds a bit odd if IETF needs to
start categorising SIP extensions to those that are applicable in
cellular environment and to those that are not.
If you think you can help to solve this, please keep the CC'd Cullen
Jennings and Hannes Tschofenig in the discussion.
Hannu Hietalahti
3GPP TSG CT Chairman
tel: +358 40 5021724

3GPP SA WG2 discussed the issue of applicability as well as
interworking between the solution to support IP based emergency calls
defined in the Ecrit phoneBCP draft and the solution defined by 3GPP in
3GPP TS 23.167. The consensus in SA2 is that these issues need further
evaluation including an analysis of regulator requirements (e.g. by
3GPP SA1) to determine whether and how the Ecrit solution could apply
to 3GPP networks. A suitable applicability statement to include in the
phoneBCP draft, assuming it is intended to apply to any cellular
network, would thus be "the applicability of this solution to 3GPP
wireless networks requires further evaluation in 3GPP". 

2. Actions:
To IETF Ecrit group.
ACTION:  3GPP SA2 requests IETF Ecrit to take the above comments and
recommendation into account when finalizing the phoneBCP draft.

3. Date of Next TSG-SA WG2 Meetings:
TSG-SA2 Meeting #76	16th – 20th November 2009	San Jose Del Cabo,
TSG-SA2 Meeting #77	18th – 22nd January 2010	China