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Liaison Statement: Project Process and Outline Schedule (ref # 007.01)

Submission Date: 2009-09-24
From: IETF MEAD Team (Loa Andersson)
To: ITU-T SG15, Q 9/15, Q 10/15, Q 12/15 and Q 14/15 (
Response Contact:
Technical Contact:
Purpose: For information
Attachments: Project Process and Outline Schedule (ref # 007.01)
In a liaison from 2009-08-21 we indicated that we would present the
of the ongoing MPLS-TP scheduling going on in the IETF MEAD team. 
The attached file is pdf-slides, and is intended to serve as a basis 
for a discussion on MPLS-TP schedules at the Geneva SG15 meeting.

Please note that this is still work in progress.

Loa Andersson

IETF MEAD team chair