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Liaison Statement: MPLS-TP OAM Framework for review and comments (ref #014.01)

Submission Date: 2009-12-10
From: IETF MPLS WG (Loa Andersson)
To: ITU-T SG15, Q 9/15, Q 10/15, Q 12/15 and Q 14/15 (
Response Contact: loa.andersson@ericsson.comswallow
Technical Contact:
Purpose: For comment
Deadline: 2010-01-15 Action Taken
Attachments: (none)
MPLS-TP OAM Framework for review and comments

A new version of the MPLS-TP OAM Internet Draft has been published:

	Title		: MPLS-TP OAM Framework
	Author(s)	: D. Allan, I. Busi, B. Niven-Jenkins
	Filename	: draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-framework-04.txt
	Pages		: 50
	Date		: 2009-12-10

We would like to solicit review by ITU-T experts of this document.

This document is a work in progress, but has reached a level 
of stability where early review would be beneficial.

Comments should be sent by return liaison by 15th January 2010
or may be communicated directly on the mailing 

Further details of the MPLS-TP mailing list and the MPLS-TP 
project can be found on the wiki at:

Loa Andersson
George Swallow

MPLS Working group co-chairs