Liaison statement
DSL Subscriber Authentication using DHCP

State Posted
Submitted Date 2010-02-25
From Group INT
From Contact Ralph Droms
To Contacts Gavin Young
CcDavid Allan
Response Contact Jari Arkko
Ralph Droms
Purpose In response
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In your liaison of October, 2007, you asked the IETF to adopt "a
mechanism such as that proposed in draft-pruss-dhcp-auth-dsl-01.txt or
draft-zhao-dhc-user-authentication-02" as a work item.

The IETF discussed this request at the IETF 70 Internet Area (intarea)
open session, concluding that more information about the protocol was
needed.  A small team of experts was asked to write an analysis of the
mechanism proposed in draft-pruss-dhcp-auth-dsl.  Writing the analysis
turned out to be an interactive process, in which
draft-pruss-dhcp-auth-dsl was revised to reflect the points made in
the analysis document and the analysis was updated to reflect the
changes in draft-pruss-dhcp-auth-dsl.  That process has finished; the
analysis is available in draft-jjmb-dhc-eap-auth-analysis-02 and the
updated DHCP-based authentication specification is in

Now that the analysis is complete, the Internet Area can reconsider
the original question: will the IETF take on this work?  The question
is being discussed on the mailing list and will be
resolved at the upcoming IETF meeting in Anaheim, CA, at the end of
March, 2010.