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LS138 - Amendment 2 to G.872 OTN architecture

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Posted Date 2010-03-05
From Group ITU-T-SG-15
From Contact Greg Jones
To Group ccamp
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Attachments LS138 - Amendment 2 to G.872 OTN architecture - body pdf
LS138 - Attach: current draft of G.872 amendment 2
Q12/15 is in the process of updating G.872 the OTN architecture to reflect the
changes in the OTN rates and formats defined in G.709.  The most significant
additions are the inclusion of the ODU0 and the ODUflex, that allows a
flexible use of bandwidth.  The most significant change to the architecture is
that we now clarified that the ODU is modelled as a single layer network, with
the bit rate (of the client) represented as a parameter.  This evolution of
OTN has identified a number of significant new requirements from the
perspective of the control plane including:
Support for the new ODU rates, ODU0, ODU4 and ODUflex
Support for the new server layer (OTU4)
The ability to provide the information required for path computation
This includes the requirement to be able to describe the maximum payload
bandwidth that can be accommodated on a link as well as the total available
Maintain the independence between the service rate (the rate of the ODU
including ODUflex) and the OTU or higher order ODU link that it is carried
Provide the information that is necessary to allow each node to compute the
number of TS required and the location of the stuff opportunities.
We have attached the current draft of G.872 amendment 2, we hope that you will
find this useful in your work on the extension of the GMPLS protocols to
support OTN.
Attachment:  WD10r5nc